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My name is Ben Shewring:

Web Designer

Web Designer

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Graphic Designer


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The digital transition

Although tangible publicity and direct communication still form fundamental pillars within any marketing campaign, investing money exclusively in these channels can carry with it considerable risks. Today it is essential to recognize, understand and embrace the technological reality in which we live. If this still feels like uncertain terrain, it's time to look for help; I can provide strong presence on social networks, a professional digital image, professional web services and access to new online marketing channels in order to ensure that your growth or transition is a successful one.

Corporate image

A strong corporate image is product of both careful work and homogeneity. For many professionals, their corporate image suffers as a result of not evolving with the company over time. In the case of businesses with more than ten years of antiquity, the "digital revolution" could have delivered an important blow to their image. The conversion of tangible media (cards and prints) into digital media (logos, headers, banners, web content), can seem both daunting and uncertain. Whatever your situation, I can take charge of the process for you, creating or updating of your digital image to cover your needs.

Centralization of information

Being in control of your online content today is essential, firstly because it allows us to maximize our target audience when transmitting information or presenting ourselves. Secondly, it allows us to analyse public opinion, identify our weaknesses and generally get to know our customers or potential customers better. The problem arises when we try to manage our accounts (email, social etc) and applications separately. By creating a centralized profile, we can link all of our accounts and online web services together, allowing us to access, publish and recover information easily and in real-time. If you require assistance in the centralization of such processes, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Google Tools

Every business is aware of the importance of publicity. Traditionally, campaigns were carried out based on the distribution of tangible media along with communication via traditional channels such as direct contact, telephone or email. Although these channels are still relevant, any business that has online presence should be aware of the marketing and analysis tools offered by Google. If the idea of carrying out tailored online marketing campaigns and/or analysing the processes carried out by your customers that culminate in successful actions or purchases sounds interesting to you , I can help you configure and manage these tools.

Oferta web y redes

* Oferta sujeta a condiciones. Contacta e infórmate.

My Work:

If you require more detailed information about me, please follow the link to my Portfolio, which can be found in the bar above.

The designs displayed in this section correspond to projects that are published, awaiting publication and also a project concept currently available for new customers. I am a full-stack developer, which means that i work with multiple platforms to deliver a complete service running from server side development to front end presentation.

All of my designs are responsive having been adapted to mobile devices and tablets, are ready for social network integration and are fully optimized for search engines (SEO).

If you are interested in any of the following designs, please contact me via: [email protected]

Available Prototype

The web site below is a concept design for a professional, modern and dynamic site, ideal for any SME looking to push their online presence.

Clean and Modern Design

The web site below is a complete web platform solution, in which customers can pay a subscription directly through the site and complete an online course with their own user accounts.
The project required the following elements: Web Design, Graphic Design, Animation and Video, Backend Development (MySQL/PHP), Secure Online Payment Systems, additional user forum, Blog, multilingual translation.
Access the site: Here

Customized Design:

The web site below is a completely personalized site, developed from a bare bones child theme in Wordpress.
The project required the following: Web Design, Graphic Design, Animation and Video, Child Theme Creation (Worpdress), Event Administration, Blog, multilingual translation.

Corporate Design:

The web site below was developed asa a corporate site in order to provide basic information about the company.
The project required the following: Web Design, Graphic Design, Animation and Video, Child Theme Creation (Worpdress), Blog, multilingual translation.
Access the site: Here

Corporate Design/Semi Online Store:

The web site below is a highly personalized professional site, created to provide information about both the company and available in store products, without yet becoming a fully operational online store.
The project required the following: Web Design, Graphic Design, Animation and Video, Child Theme Creation (Worpdress), Blog, multilingual translation.
Access the site: Here


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